Hi! Thanks for spending time exploring Nancy’s Notebook. I created this site to be my portal for my recipes, food experiments and my favorite food and cooking sites. My recipe photos are not always the best from my dark kitchen, but I hope they help illustrate the process and capture details that my brief notes may have omitted. I’m still experimenting with the function and design of the site, so check back or drop me a note if you have any thoughts. Enjoy -- Bon Appétit -- Mangia -- Dig In -- 吃個飽 

Welcome to Nancy's Notebook.  My name is Nancy  and this is my latest attempt to organize and archive my recipes for my sons, family and friends.  I am giving up on index cards, marble notebooks, scraps of paper and pencil notes in my cookbooks (ok, maybe not the pencil notes in the margins), as well as typing and emailing requested recipes over and over again. 

As I get going, I'll let you in on more about me and my family.  For now, I want to get going on getting some recipes and tips documented.  I will try to get pictures for each of my recipes, but I have a few tried and true recipes that I want to get transferred from my notebook that won't have pictures when first posted. 
I try to cook with natural foods and ingredients that are healthy while trying to keep it simple for weekday dinners.  I love to make soups and meals which the leftovers can be converted into totally new dishes for week night meals.  Look for lots of deserts and cookies too.  Lately, I have been experimenting with Indian and Chinese food.  So, what I am trying to say is expect a lot of variety and good food!
Please look around, comment and create your own versions of my family's favorite recipes.  Please let me know how the recipes turn out for you in the comments. 
Happy and Healthy Cooking !